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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shed from Garage Door

I made this custom shed from an old garage door that was replaced when a new roll-up door was installed. Because the wood is painted such a door can only be disposed of at the dump. Doors of all kinds are one of the most often replaced items in a home remodel.

I first cut the door on each side making sure that I left the supporting stud with the pieces I cut. These pieces would become the side of the shed.

Once the sides were cut, I then constructed the roofline by cutting each side at a 30° angle at the top. I then transported the pieces from the site where the garage door was replaced to the home where the would live. The back of the shed was cut from OSB plywood left over from a roofing job. Here I have pre-assembled the shed frame to make sure all was square. I then disassembled it and had the pieces transported down two flights of stairs to the site.

The middle of the garage door became the front of the shed. To hold together the tongue and groove siding that the door was made from , I nailed plywood pieces to the back of it. I cut out the door before transporting the wall to the site.

The site is on a slope so I made sure that the cement footings I used for the foundation were absolutely level before my crew helped me lift the shed into place and screwed to the studs of the house. The footings were also salvaged as was the roofing material.

Here the interior of the shed awaits the floor boards and shelves. Again as with all salvage projects it is important to make copious measurements and drawings.


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